Founded in 1984, Dreams Come True is the First Coast’s only locally-based, wish granting organization dedicated to using the power of a dream to bring hope and joy to EVERY First Coast child battling a life-threatening illness. With the support of the First Coast community, Dreams Come True has fulfilled the dreams of more than 4,000 children.

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes; some children ask for a trip to Disney World, a cruise or the opportunity to meet a celebrity. For others, the dream is seeing snow or snuggling with their very own puppy. Whatever the dream may be, it’s the momentary reprieve from doctor visits, tests and medical treatments that makes all the difference. In addition to granting children’s dreams, Dreams Come True’s vision is to be there for dream families and provide support during their medical journeys. Through the Special Times program, Dreams Come True provides moments of joy and celebration for children following their dreams or as they wait to decide on the perfect getaway.

The DCT 5K is our main fundraiser each year. It connects our Dreamers and their families to the community of supporters.

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